Michael Copp, Dream Bedroom Kitchen Designs MD, reveals success secret

Michael Copp, MD of Dream Bedroom Kitchen Designs, reveals the secret of his success and explains how his bedroom based business is surviving the recession and is ready to grow.

Michael Copp is not afraid of hard work and believes that a positive attitude can take you a long way. This philosophy has helped him build his business from humble beginnings, from selling bedrooms out of the back of a van, to the successful showroom that he now runs in Woodford Green.

His business is unusual in that bedroom sales were the original driver with kitchens being added as an additional revenue stream later.

“I know that most showrooms start off in kitchens and then add bedrooms,” says Michael, “but this format has served me well.”

“We now have a healthy 40% of the business coming from kitchens and have found that we do have
customers that sometimes want both but more often they have bought from us once and come back
for the second room.”

Michael believes that it is a reflection of their commitment to exceptionally high standards of service and customer care that brings in the repeat business.

“We try to make the customer experience exceptional. It clearly helps to have the right product. Hepplewhite furniture oozes quality, looks great in the showroom and is always up to date.

“It is a very successful partnership. Hepplewhite’s efficient service translates into better margins and more profitability for my business. Planning and ordering is hassle free as the Hepplewhite catalogue is available on my CAD system and Ican manage all of my orders on line.”

Market conditions have been difficult for all KBB retailers but Michael is confident about the future with a second showroom planned. “It’s all about going out there and making things happen,” he added.